The GOP Party Platform – For What We Stand

The foundation of the Republican Party is our platform.

If you aren’t sure whether you are a “Republican”, please read our county, state & national platforms, and if you agree with them – you’re one of us!

County Convention 2016 - 800pxThe County Convention was held on March 16, 2016.  There, delegates elected at the county caucuses debated the 2016 platform and resolutions.  Here are the results, which will serve as our county platform and resolutions over the next four years.

FINAL APPROVED CCRP County Platform 2016

CCRP County Platform 2016 -PASSED resolutions, 3.26.2016


We’re proud of our strong stands toward smaller, Constitutional government, family values, and a strong defense of our nation. Please be sure to read the Platform and see where we stand – we think you’ll agree with us!


Come & join us as we work toward our goals for our county, state & nation!



2016 Washington State Platform RESOLUTIONS – DO PASS

2016 GOP National Platform


Previous Platforms

2012 Washington State GOP Platform

2012 State GOP Resolutions – Do Pass

National GOP Platform 2012


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The Difference is Clear…

Platform Comparison 2012

GOP versus Democrat PlatformsIn a nutshell:  
Planks from the Democrat Platform: 

National Security:  The Dems have proposed abandoning the war on terrorism, offering instead to 1) establish a national Cabinet-level Department of Peace; 2) quickly remove U.S. military forces in Iraq; and 3) repeal the Patriot Act which they characterize as an irrational reaction to the terrorist acts of 2001.

Immigration:  Democrats want  amnesty for illegal immigrants.  They endorse allowing access to taxpayer-supported social services for illegal immigrants.

Environment:  Democrats support subjecting all United States citizens to the Kyoto Protocol, despite the U.S. Senate’s rejection of the treaty 95 to 0.  They support expanding the current regulations and scope of the state Growth Management Act.

Dems support government use of “eminent domain” for the development of private property as a source of government revenue.

Education:  Democrats oppose charter schools and voucher programs, and want to eliminate military recruiting in public schools.  They demand publicly funded education, preschool through university.

Health Care:  Democrats support government-run health care through the “establishment of a comprehensive national health care plan”  —  i.e., a government bureaucracy can make better decisions concerning your health care than you can.

Economic Opportunity:  Dems support the creation of a new state income tax with the call for a progressive tax system at both the federal and state level.  Their platform does not include a single word on the rate and increase of government spending, but calls for a repeal of the Bush tax cuts which they have consistently opposed.


If you stand opposed to these ideas, then please join us
in the Republican Party!


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