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Welcome to the Clallam County GOP!



Coming Saturday, February 20 – Clallam County Caucuses.

Mark your calendar – various locations around the county starting at 9:30 a.m. 

Read about it here:




If you are a Republican, you’re invited to our 2016 Precinct Caucuses!

Previous Clallam Republican caucuses were in 2012. Our next caucuses are at 10am on Saturday, February 20th, 2016. Registration at all locations will begin at 9 am. The caucuses should be over by 1 pm. Bring your Republican friends & neighbors. Kids are welcome.

A caucus is the “grass-roots” of political involvement, where Republicans get together with others of like-mind from their precinct to share their opinions and set the direction of the party for the next several years. Caucus participants will advocate for their preferred issues & candidates and have an opportunity to submit written proposals, amendments & resolutions to the county platform committee. Submissions will be forwarded to the county platform committee for presentation and subsequent vote for acceptance at the county convention.  READ MORE >>>

Please review the 2012 Clallam County Republican Platform, as we will be talking about
possible changes / additions to it.
You can read (and/or download) it here:
2012 Clallam County Republican Platform

At the caucuses, you will also have the opportunity to submit proposed Resolutions
to be considered at the county convention.  You might want to review the Resolutions
that were passed at the last county convention in 2012.
You can read (and/or download) them here:
2012 Clallam County Platform Resolutions

Are you interesting in submitting changes to either the Platform or submitting a Resolution?
Here are the Guidelines.  2016 Platform Guidelines



Clallam County, Looking Forward

 – Jim McEntire Report, Jan. 2016

Clallam County Commissioner Jim McEntireJanuary 18, 2016

Former Clallam County Commissioner Jim McEntire

George Mason of Virginia, our most unheralded founding father, wrote in the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights that it is desirable from time to time for those who serve in public office “… be reduced to a private station, [and] return into that body from which they were originally taken …” So it is with your former public servant.

It is equally desirable and customary for a recently retired elected official to write a retrospective on his time in office, adding up the successes along with his disappointments. But I would rather look forward, putting my past time in office in perspective of the future. I continue to see Clallam County in a situation similar to many communities in America: on the cusp of one of two possibilities – becoming a vibrant self-sustaining community; or become a government (mostly Federal) dependency.  READ MORE >>>

Mark Your Calendar – Annual Lincoln Day Dinner!  (Click on image for larger view)


Click here for downloadable pdf version of this flyer: 2016 Lincoln Day Dinner Flyer


Ted Cruz questions Sierra Club about ‘global warming’ stance

Renown physicist debunks global warming cult

from the UK Register, posted on Oct. 11, 2015

The life of physicist Freeman Dyson spans advising bomber command in World War II; working at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton, New Jersey, as a contemporary of Einstein; and providing advice to the US government on a wide range of scientific and technical issues.

He is a rare public intellectual who writes prolifically for a wide audience. He has also campaigned against nuclear weapons proliferation.

At America’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dyson was looking at the climate system before it became a hot political issue, over 25 years ago. He provides a robust foreword to a report written by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change cofounder Indur Goklany on CO2 – a report published [PDF] today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

An Obama supporter who describes himself as “100 per cent Democrat,” Dyson says he is disappointed that the President “chose the wrong side.” Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere does more good than harm, he argues, and humanity doesn’t face an existential crisis. Climate change, he tells us, “is not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts?”

We invited Dyson to talk about climate change and other matters, including a question from your correspondent’s kids – how will we do interstellar travel?  READ MORE >>>

SEE ALSO:  “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change” – at Prager U – CLICK HERE

At the Fair…

Heisels at County Fair, 8.2015OUR BOOTH AT THE FAIR – AUG. 20th thru 23rd, 2015.

Shown here:  Pete & Gayla Heisel with the “Tax-O-Meter”


County Commissioners Jim McEntire and Bill Peach joined us in the 4th of July parade, while Clallam County Republicans handed out flags along the parade route. Our usual decorated hay wagon float with lots of signs including two great banners thanking the county commissioners for lowering our sales tax, rolled down the parade route at the Port Angeles July 4th Parade.  It was plenty of fun with lots of good response from the crowds! :)

Tax Reduction Proclamation Day held in Port Angeles

cutting taxes by commissioners 2On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, the Clallam County Republican Party Chair, Dick Pilling, read the Proclamation for Tax Reduction Day in celebration of the sales tax reduction passed by our three county commissioners, Jim McEntire, Bill Peach and Mike Chapman.  The event was held at the Liberty Bell Plaza at noon.  Here, McEntire, Pilling and Peach cut into “taxes” symbolically by cutting the cake!

Less than one year later, with our newly elected Democrat county commissioner, and the “independent” county commissioner announcing that he is now a Democrat, the two Democrats decided the citizens didn’t need a tax break, and so have rolled it back.  Republican county commissioner Bill Peach stands alone in fighting for lower taxes and less regulation.  Let’s elect a Republican in 2016 to help Bill with commonsense leadership that will HELP our county citizens.


2015 Lincoln Day Dinner a success

Thanks to all who made the Lincoln Day Dinner such a success!  We thoroughly enjoyed the speeches by Elizabeth Scott, State Representative, 39th District, as she shared the current state of affairs in the Legislature, along with State Committeeman Jeff Kent, who kindly filled in for WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison, who was unable to come due to the sudden passing of her father.  Our condolences and prayers go out to Susan.

A special thanks to county vice chair Jindy O’Donnell, who spearheaded the event with her team of volunteers.  Watch for more news about this event.

Thanks to Stephanie Noblin for videotaping the event!  Here are the videos from the two speakers.

Representative Elizabeth Scott WA #39 LD gives speech to Clallam County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner-March 7, 2015, Port Angeles, WA ” Olympia Update”.

Evening’s Main Speaker at the Clallam County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, March 7, 2015 in Port Angeles, WA. Jeff Kent serves the Washington State Republican Party as National Committeeman. He is also a member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) 2016 Debate Committee.




Call your Senators and Representative and ask the question….

Why are you exempted from The Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare, and why do the taxpayers fund 72% of your healthcare premiums?

U.S. Capitol Switchboard    –  Tel.  202-456-1414

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell – Write: 717 Hart Senate Office Bldg., Wash. D.C. 20510 – Tel. (202) 224-3441 or Seattle 206-220-6400 – Fax (202) 228-0514

U.S. Senator Patty Murray – Write: 173 Russell Senate Bldg., Wash. D.C. 20510 – Tel. (202) 224-2621  or Seattle 206-553-5545 – Fax (202) 224-0238

6th CONGRESSIONAL DIST. – U.S. Rep.  Derek Kilmer – Write: 1429 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 – Tel. (202)-225-5916

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” -B.Franklin,1759

College Republicans – Join or start up a club at your college.  Go to:

 “The Declaration and the Constitution”

Hillsdale College offers FREE classes on the Constitution.  Here’s one:
In this first lecture from the “Introduction to the Constitution” series, Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn argues that the American republic’s meaning and proper method of operation is found in two documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He introduces the two main principles of the Declaration–Nature and Equality–and explains how they are key to understanding the arrangements of government found in the Constitution.Watch this Lecture

An excellent short argument about gun control.

STATE LEGISLATURE:  Washington State Legislature – click here for contact information to reach our legislators, as well as to keep up to speed on current legislation. 

Check on the

Washington State Legislature:


(List of legislators, their committees, districts, counties, and legislative assistants)

Legislator E-mail Services

(Forms to e-mail individual members)

Caucus Home Pages

(In-depth information about each legislator)

Legislative Hotline: 1.800.562.6000

An interesting perspective…

News media would have the country believe that this past general election was a “mandate”.  But, was it?  For an interesting perspective, take a look at the election returns BY COUNTY: (Blue=Dem; Red = GOP) (Click on map for larger view)

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? (from Maps of the 2012 US presidential election results)


For the voting record and / or responses to questions about issues from the candidates, visit (click on graphic):

Project Vote Smart

The 2012 Washington State GOP Platform
and Resolutions are now available.

Click here to download your copy:

2012 Washington State GOP Platform

2012 State GOP Resolutions – Do Pass

Be sure to check out the latest in our GOP Commentary section!

Your water rights may be affected – read on…

A newly formed organization, Olympic Resource Protection Council, is currently raising funds for a lawsuit against the Dept. of Ecology’s new water rules – which extremely limit what a household can use in the way of water, and in some areas, no new water will be “allowed”.  See their website at:

UPDATE – Dec. 2012:  The “Rule” was passed and went into effect on Jan. 2, 2013.  Marguerite Glover wrote an op/ed about the issue, which helps to see how people will be adversely affected:  New “Water ‘Management’ Rule” by WA State Dept. of Ecology a “travesty

A current issue concerns metering of wells and water “rules” by the State Department of Ecology.  Marguerite Glover has been involved with the water issues in the Sequim-Dungeness area for many years, and has set up a website to help educate folks about the matter.  Click here – and get up-to-speed with what is happening in this area.

A postcard was mailed out to residents in the Sequim area, which bears repeating.  It states:

“The Washington Department of Ecology’s Dungeness Water Rule, being proposed in May 2012 and taking effect in August 2012, may affect you as a property owner. Washington REALTORS and the  Sequìm  Association of REALTORS want to keep you informed.

Development of vacant land will be subject to the rule, even parcels  purchased or subdivided years ago. The rule prohibits new water rights and  exempt wells unless mitigation is purchased, and requires metering and reporting of new water uses. The rule will also impact wells that are already drilled if water from the well has not yet been used For domestic purposes.


Existing private wells may be subject to the new rule, if the uses of the well  are modified to add additional residences or new types of water use at  existing residences.


Will require determination by the County of whether the project complies with the Washington Department of Ecology’ water rule before a building permit can be approved.

State Budget

For a good run-down of the state budget recently passed by our lawmakers, go here: and click on “A Closer Look at the State Budget Deal.”

Remember Those Who Serve…




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Are you interested in joining one of our Clubs or attending various meetings?
Contact us – and we’ll keep in touch!

Want to read the bills passed by Congress and pending before Congress? Go to

Follow the water issue in eastern Clallam County.
Check out Olympic Water Resource Protection Council.

RNC passes Resolution in Support of Western States Taking Back Public Lands

 Check out the Constitution Minute – presented by Hillsdale College.


“Would it not be better to simplify the system of taxation rather than to spread it over such a variety of subjects and pass through so many new hands.” ~Thomas Jefferson

“Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.” ~Frederic Bastiat

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” ~Patrick Henry


The County Convention delegates, who represented you, did an great job of passing an excellent county platform and Resolutions. Our thanks to those who spent the day in hard work to get it done!

Central Committee

passes Resolution opposing and urging Clallam County Commissioners to rescind their support of the Wild Olympics

Click here to Read the Resolution and info.

Central Committee

passes Resolution to demand that Clallam County withdraw from ICLEI – Local Govts for Sustainability –

which promotes UN Agenda 21.

Click here to Read the Resolution and info.